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BULLY is the first ever automated wetsuit washer with a smart internal and external irrigation system – providing an easy to use, durable and efficient way to wash your wetsuit.

Anyone using wetsuits, whether for recreational diving or regular occupation will greatly benefit and augment his experience by using this product. BULLY, a environment friendly hygienic solution that saves time, saves water & is designed to prolong the lifespan of your wetsuit!

“Great product saved me so much time and energy on washing my wetsuit.”

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The Bully hanger saves you dealing directly with cold water, it’s the first washer that doesn’t stretch or distort your wetsuit, it saves water and help to dry and store the wetsuit for your next session

No it can’t. On the contrary; the hanger is engineered especially for the care of wetsuits and their shape.

The Bully Hanger is built for adult wetsuits sized S-XL.

Bully uses 3.6 US gallon per minute

Absolutely – You can use Bully with any water source that connects with a hose.

We recommend using cold water as it states on the label of your wetsuit.


Yes, we built a special hook that spins 90 degrees and can easily be hung anywhere.

It depends on the level of dirt on your wetsuit, approx. 60 seconds.

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